Wedding Bouquet Style, Which One Do You Like Best?

The bouquet originated from the ancient civilization of the West. According to the Western concept, the bouquet is the guardian of the wedding, and it can protect the people at the wedding from the bad luck and disease. After hundreds of years of custom evolution, the bouquet is a happy messenger in today’s wedding. If the unmarried woman receives the bouquet thrown by the bride at the wedding, she will find her happy partner and become the next happy bride.

Hand-held flowers always have an elegant and noble feeling. In Western-style weddings and Chinese-Western weddings, it is essential for the bride to hold flowers. How do you choose the flowers that suit you? So many styles are the bride’s bouquet, which type do you choose?

More traditional and the most common bouquet style. A high-profile, versatile wedding dress for a variety of weddings. The three circular segments can basically be composed of three circles of different sizes, and the drooping curve can be changed according to preferences. In principle, the tall bride is more suitable for holding this bouquet, the curve is obvious and the gorgeous wedding dress is the fastest match.

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