39 Romantic Wedding Ideas Make Wedding Perfect

The beauty of long tables requires excellent designs from planners. Don’t think that tables and chairs are only placed. On behalf of example, in the design of the bride’s bouquet, you can choose the brilliant sunflower as the main material, and then just need a simple white tie, you can make the bouquet look more bright and moving, and complement the bride’s heartfelt smile, add a happy and beautiful wedding. So if you are interested, pleased read on!

These are the wedding decoration techniques I share, hoping to inspire the new people to decorate the wedding venue. Maybe your wedding banquet environment is a restaurant or an outdoor garden, a little messy. Then, long table can play a very good role in reconciling the environment. What’s more, tidy tables, orderly cups, plates and flowers make the wedding look very orderly. If it is a long table, the design of table flowers can also be varied, high-rise or low table flowers close to the table can create a different style. However, long tables and flowers should not be designed too full, different can make the overall effect more dispersed.

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