35 Awesome and Natural Makeup for Summer

With the arrival of summer, a series of heat waves have changed our living environment and changed our mood. Speaking of the troubles of summer makeup, of course, the most worrying thing is the skin grease. Sweat takes off the carefully made makeup, which not only creates a bad image for itself, but also leaves a bad impression on people. Beginning of summer, even if you can stand the heat, does your makeup also endure the same sultry heat? Everything gets sticky at high temperatures, so it’s especially important to draw a light makeup. If you’re still painting a heavy smoky makeup, it’s really depressing. I’d like to introduce some natural makeup to you. Very often in summer, let’s have a look together. If you are interested, pleased read on.

So how can we draw a makeup suitable for summer? Summer makeup should be light and natural, and do not blindly pursue the natural nakedness. We can use the summer color to make the makeup look fresh. The ingenious use of seemingly single colors in the eyes makes the five senses look more delicate, transitional and cleverly extended to the cheekbones. Clean and neat list colors are more appropriate than strong eye makeup. Second, the use of high quality Concealer will make the makeup feel very heavy, and the makeup is too thick and slightly old-fashioned. So if you want to create light nude makeup, you have to choose a thin foundation. The skin will also be bright and natural and glossy. As for the blemishes on the face, it should be covered with concealer. Third, with the trend of nude makeup, many brands have also introduced nude lipstick, but not all skin colors are suitable. If you want to choose the lip gloss color of nude makeup, choose the color similar to your lip color. You can also apply blush cream to your lips before applying lipstick, so that you can mix the blush cream and lipstick with the most natural tones.

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