35 Clever Cottage Interior Design May Inspire You

Cottage style highlights the comfort and freedom of life. Whether it’s heavy furniture or accessories with the vicissitudes of time, people are telling this. Especially in the choice of wall color, the natural, nostalgic and fragrant colors are typical features of American rural style. Natural tone is the main color of American rural style, green and earthy brown are the most common; wallpaper is mostly pure pulp texture; furniture color is mostly old-fashioned paint, the style is thick.

Fabric art is a very important element in the rural style. Cotton and hemp are the mainstream. The natural feeling of cloth art can be well coordinated with the rural style. Various complex flowers and plants, beautiful exotic customs and vivid patterns of birds, insects and fish are very popular, comfortable and casual. The style is clear and pleasant, the appearance is elegant and leisure, the color is mostly light slate color and antique white, the flower pattern of random graffiti is the mainstream feature, the lines are random but pay attention to cleanliness and competence. It is not only concise and lively, but also easy to manage. It is naturally more suitable for the daily use of modern people.

35 Clever Cottage Interior Design May Inspire You home style, home design, interior design, cottage design

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