36 Glass Interior Design for Your Home

Science and technology have constantly changed our lives, and we are increasingly dependent on science and technology. The 2009 hit “The Sea King”, remember when Ohm turned into a transparent Water man trading with pirates on land? Transparent Water Man is really impressive! Throughout the years, science fiction blockbusters have used transparent elements to express high-tech feelings in communications, transportation, construction and other fields. With a strong sense of future science and technology, cutting-edge shape and distinctive, it is undoubtedly the attraction of transparent materials. Returning to reality, the ever-changing technology has realized many scenarios of our dreams one by one.

Unlike the transparent furniture with single color and material in the past, the transparent trend this time has more layers. Especially spreads to the wall decoration, in which the cascade effect of stained glass invisibly gives more poetry and painting to the white wall. The first is the mirror of transparent layered effect, which can increase the penetration and layered sense of space, and make the space have more details. Just like the transparent screen without the traditional definition, the role is no longer to hide, but to render the atmosphere; it has good permeability, as a wall decoration can make the room unconstrained, while foiling the space effect of fashion and a sense of future. At the same time, they are also deeply loved by small households, which invisibly extend the sense of space.

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Image Source: shakemyblog.fr