35 Create Your Own Work Zone With Good Desks

Even if there is no independent study, most people will use a small corner to create a small work space for themselves. So how do you design your own home work space? Of course, decoration and acceptance are indispensable; this will be an ideal work space. The wall next to the worktable is a space where you can give full play to your imagination. You can arrange decorative paintings, or you can put receipt cabinets. Lighting in the work area is also very important. Bright but not dazzling lighting should be chosen to make the work more efficient and focused. Placing the wire mesh on the wall is an economic and beautiful choice. It can take in a lot of odds and ends, postcards and photos. What’s more, desk plays an important role in the work zone, so let look how to place the desks in our work zone.

First, how can we choose a desk which is totally suitable for our house? Modern simple kinds of desk may be a good choice, which are full of vitality, quiet and indifferent. With copper table lamp, it shows modern fashion. Simple shape, space saving, and is very suitable for small and medium-sized houses. The table corner is smooth, without sharp edges, which increases the streamlined sense of the design and conforms to the humanized design. Closed drawer design and semi-open storage design make it convenient to place various commonly used items in different zones. The desk is the indispensable furniture in the study. The layout of the study should pay special attention to its quiet and comfortable, desk placement. On the one hand, it is convenient to store books; on the other hand, it is also for better privacy. Second, how can we put the study desk better? The desk should be placed in a place with sufficient light. The light of the desk should be enough and even. The contrast of the brightness and shade of the desktop should not be too strong. The height of the desk should be moderate, leaving enough room for the legs to move. The desk should not be placed under the crossbeam. The desk placed under the crossbeam will make people feel a kind of pressure on the top of the crossbeam. It will make people nervous and unfavorable to learning. It is suggested that desks should be placed as far as possible to avoid crossbeams. What’s more, the desk should not be facing the window. If the desk is facing the window, the reader is easily attracted by the outside scenery, leading to distraction, lack of concentration, unable to concentrate on learning. In order to create a quiet reading environment, it is recommended to avoid directly facing the window when the desk is placed.

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