30+All kinds of jewelry in the hair.

Every day shawl hair is not new, I look tired of reading, why not try the recent fire of Pearl hair card and crystal hair card! Fashion Zhoushang, a model with this long Pearl hairpin walking show, full of charm. There are also creative crystal hairpins that use English words to express mood or attitude, such as “sorry”, dollar symbols, and very personal.

When wearing, the wide version of the Pearl hairpin can only wear one, and the thin version of the hairpin can be worn side by side, one wide and one thin can also be matched with a sense of layer Oh, not to try!

30+All kinds of jewelry in the hair. Hair accessories、Pearl hairpin、Hairdressing

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This summer, we should spend more time on our hair.A few different headpieces make our hair more colorful and give it some accessories.Summer should be summer, and colorful clothes should make our hair the focus.Here are some simple and exquisite hair accessories. You can refer to it a lot.