Colorful hair makes holiday awesome!

Holiday hairstyles are a necessity several times a year so it is always good to add a few to your repertoire. There are mayny types of hair colour and many include styles to accentuate color treated hair. As trends and styles evolve and recirculate, new options are developed. If you are dreaming about red ombre hair, which is a wonderful choice, think if this color will look flattering against the tone of your skin. Unfortunately, not every woman can rock a red as well as black shade – these colors can make us look older. Blue and purple hair comes in a variety of combinations and shades as well as the intensity of brightness.

Fortunately, it is possible to rock rainbow hair for a day or two — and it’s easier than you think.Whether you want to punch up your blonde hair with a lilac hue, or test the waters with a few strips of rose gold, we found the products that let you wear it for the weekend (or your week off) and wash it out before work. These temporary dyes, chalks and even clip-ins let you channel a ’90s Gwen Stefani — if only for a day.


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