Super-Light Clay making ideas

Super-Light Clay is a type of paper clay, referred to as ultra-light soil. It is easier to make and more comfortable to shape, more suitable for modeling, and the work is very cute. It is popular in Japan. It is a new type of environmental protection, no rise in Japan. Poisonous, naturally dried hand-made materials. Ultra-light clay is mainly made by foaming powder of polymer material (vacuum microspheres), and then physically mixed with polyhexanol, cross-linking agent, glycerin, pigment and other materials in a certain ratio. Ultra-light clay is ultra-light, super soft, ultra-clean and non-sticky.

Super-Light Clay is a reusable water-based children’s educational toy. It uses DIY educational toys made of foreign-imported polymer environmental protection materials and makeup-grade glue. 3D educational toys are internationally popular. Children’s left and right brain products.

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