You can rely on these decorative paintings to save

The living room is an important place to receive family and friends or family rest. The living room wall decoration painting is an important part that can highlight the sense of style. Creating a stunning and luxurious living room, the background wall decoration painting is indispensable, so we must spend more thoughts on the living room wall decoration painting, not only to highlight the overall atmosphere of the living room, but also to match the whole style.

In interior decoration, the simple base color determines the tone of a home. You can choose the color of the same color as the background wall to achieve the effect of round and color enhancement. If all the same color is monotonous, it is decorated with decorative painting. You can choose some bolder and fresher colors to add vitality in the color. . The green elements on the mural antlers bring the atmosphere of the forest to the interior, giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

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